1. What is delivery method?

Once we have received your payment, our server will create the download and send you the link immediately to your email address. It’s a permanent link. It is a digital copy so I recommend that you download it and save it to your hard disk. If the link becomes unavailable, please let me know and I’ll send it again.

If the link is not working or has expired, please email us or wait for a few hours before we send you a replacement link.

You can also manage products from the website.


2. Refund policy?

Every product on our website was double-checked before being sold. After you have made a payment, we won’t issue a refund. Only products we are unable to provide a refund will be refunded.

100% money back guarantee! Digital downloads like MP3s, MP4s and PDF cannot be refunded due to the nature of digital purchases. We will however refund any faults we have (unavailable products or missing content, corrupt files, low quality, incorrect product… etc).

We have carefully reviewed all products and found the following contents to be unacceptable. We will only offer a refund for products that we are unable to provide.

Please be aware that all products’ contents were carefully checked and “Excluded” from the final product.

+ Call from the author for a coaching call or weekly/monthly phone call

+ Access author private facebook groups or the web portal for the course

+ Software, Tools, and App (please contact our team to confirm)

+ Access author private membership forum

+ Email support by author or their team

3. Conditions of Use at Brainlearn

Most product downloads are available immediately. However, some products may take a while to sync the download link cloud. In these cases, we will confirm your order with you and let you know about the status of your product.

We have carefully reviewed all product contents and we “Exclude” the following contents: Software, Online coaching, Software, Facebook Group, Skype, Email support from Author. We will only offer a refund for products that we are unable to provide.

Your email address and registration information are encrypted automatically and anonymized, making it safe. To send the download link, I use my private server. All information will remain private. You are completely safe and secure with us.

If you feel happy and have enough money, this product is for you. To get all the “Excluded” content, we recommend that you purchase this product directly from the Author.
We are grateful!